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What is a deep tissue massage?

A deep tissue massage is a variant on the more traditional manual massage techniques, with a refinement that allows for greater penetration of the skin, muscle and their supportive fascia, and tissues – hence the name.

The five techniques can be confusing to those unfamiliar with the practices of massage, especially because they are mainly words that are French in origin. They are:

  • Effleurage (circular movements with the hands)
  • Petrissage (kneading or ‘squeezing’)
  • Tapotement (the rapid and repeated ‘striking’ of the body with the hands)
  • Frictions
  • Vibrations

A deep tissue massage is the ideal choice for those with a more active lifestyle, or those with chronic pain conditions.

Does it work?

The stretching techniques associated with the deep tissue massage have helped to alleviate problems to do with restrictive and tight soft tissues: increasing joint range and flexibility.

Extensive studies have also shown the deep tissue massage to be great at reducing chronic back pain.

Deep tissue massages also lower blood pressure and heart rates. This can have a significant effect on those suffering from anxiety or stress, and has directly improved the sleep-wake cycles of participants.

How we can help you: Visit our Wapping centre for deep tissue massages in Tower Hamlets, London

Wapping Osteopathy is located conveniently in the heart of Tower Hamlets, East London: making it easily accessible for those looking for a deep tissue massage or other services in Bethnal Green, Stepney Green, and elsewhere in the surrounding area.

Contact us using the ‘Book Online’ form below, where we will be able to set you up for a 10% discount and free consultation. For more information about who we are, our clinic, and what we do and where we are, click here.

Looking for more than a deep tissue massage? Our team are qualified and specialist osteopaths. Read more information about cranial osteopathy here.

Wapping Osteopathy is a part of the wider Bodytonic clinic family. Looking for a deep tissue massage that’s a little closer to home? Then please check out our parent site, Bodytonic clinic. You may find our services in Stratford or Canada Water more convenient.

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